Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Here be owls!

But do two owls count as a parliament? Or a stare?

Ho ho, bet you didn't expect to see us back so soon!! It's amazing what you can get done when you ignore the housework :)

We have completed our owl challenge so it's over to Lucy for her lovely tactile bird....

Here is mine and Lesley and I agree he is a wise Tawny Owl, made when I was meant to be completing some orders (and starting Kitty's doll - sorry Kitty, she's started in my head!)

I sketched out a rudimentary design based on some owls two of my older brothers had when I was growing up. Theirs were much larger but were made of a similar tweed and velvet combination and were lovely. I think a friend of the family had made them as presents.

I used some of my dad's old trousers and one of his tattersall check shirts (so I really hope he doesn't want either of them back!) and for authenticity I sewed the label from the trousers on the bottom of Owlie's foot. His back is made of some of the velvet I bought before Christmas and keep turning into bags, so he is very tactile.

I took him up to school (partly so I could get a good outdoor shot) and as each of the three children spotted him they said "Did you make him for me? Is he mine?" until they were practically fighting over him, so I guess that means he was a success!

Well Lucy, you obviously have two more to make!!!

I love Lucy's owl and think he's so smart in his checked shirt and best tweeds and what a fab idea to put the label on!! He also looks sufficiently wise!

My owl (s) is(are) also made from 'repurposed' fabric.

A couple of weeks ago I sketched out an idea and I have to say it doesn't get much simpler than an owl! I then drafted several pattern variations.

For this challenge I would like to introduce you to Priscilla who is a Little Owl. She is not the wise old owl of folklore but an owl of small stature who feasts on insects and tiny critters.

Priscilla is made from a pink wool scarf (£1 charity shop) with a pink felt chest and eye circles and purple felt beak and feet.

She is destined for my beautiful 15 year old niece as a surprise unbirthday present. Both her sisters received cuddlies from me on their birthday's last year but poor C missed out as her birthday felt just after Christmas and I wasn't organised enough!!

Here she is with the prototypes I made from my first pattern. Surprisingly they have

been adopted by my naughty children.

The purple one is Ozzie a Long Eared Owl - a nocturnal secretive creature who is most likely to be seen by accident. Most probably because he's made from some mad curtain fabric from the charity shop!

The red and green one is Pierre a European Eagle Owl who is likely to be an escapee from captivity. Or - he escaped from being a cushion being drooled on by the Moog!!!

Please note these owls are not to scale :)

Two owls may not count as a parliament but four most definately do and when they are joined by two more in the Locket household it will resemble the Houses of Parliament on a good day!!!

There will be news of the next challenge to follow very shortly. It will also be something cuddly in case you were wondering!!


Kitty said...

Lucy - there is NO HURRY on the doll - she is a lovely bonus, so please don't feel pressured.

Those owls are G*O*R*G*E*O*U*S ... and Lesley, I can see you are starting to use your fancy stitchery on the new machine - looks fabulous!

You two put me to shame, you really do. x

The Crafts House said...

these are adorable well done on the challange ladies

cmoon said...

So many different species of owl in blogland and now we have two more. How wonderful! All that effort put in to the design and choosing just the right materials.Well done to both of you.They look great.

monda-loves said...

ooh these are all really lovely (I especially like the use of the old label Lucy)
Where do you ladies find the time for this? I fear there must be starving unwashed children in your households!


Jane said...

Truly magnificent owls, Jane x

Jodie said...

Super super owls....

lucykate crafts... said...

well done both of you : )

they have all been a big success!

Gina said...

Can only agree with Monda - you must have starving unwashed children (well we've seen the pictures of baby Fred!)... but those owls are worth it! Fabulous!
Seriously... where do you find the time?

Gina xxx

Julie said...

I love owls (ask my Mum!) and these are all gorgeous! Well done both of you.

French Knots said...

Such a handsome bunch, the green one has an especially rakish look!

Kaz said...

Ooohhh I love those owls!! Another thing to add to my 'to do' list.

Bethany Hissong said...

I hope you both do more because these are so GREAT!!!! I love them... I really love them. I think you should submit them into a softies award contest!
Right now we have the real things flying around and keeping us up at night. I've thought of making a really BIG one to frighten the others from hooting all night!

trashalou said...


Ally said...

Well, it is only Wednesday - how come you have both found enough time to complete your challenge. Your other halves must be looking forward to some extra special TLC for the rest of the week as they must have been doing all those household chores!!!

The Owls look great though and I like the label esp as the trousers must have been bought over 20 years ago.

The little owl is cute especially with Pierre & Ozzie with their ears.

Well, now you have time to do all those household chores the rest of the week!!!

Ally x

Blossom said...

they are all very VERY CUTE!!!!!

Lina said...

My goodness, you two are going great guns! Great work girls! I love all the repurposing, I am not buying a scrap of fabric until I use up some of my stash. Can't wait to see the bunnies.

Lina x

nicky said...

The owls are soooo sweet! I just love them, were they difficult to sketch the patterns for?

melissa said...

Those are the sweetest little owls!

Anonymous said...