Friday, 18 January 2008

Challenge No.2 Completed!

This post is dedicated to Lucy's BIG sister Ally who didn't believe we would get these bags finished until next week at the earliest! I don't often get the chance to prove her wrong so I'm not letting this one pass!!!!

Your bit Lesley............................
Yup, we got there. Mrs Locket got there first by a couple of hours as I was in a big school governor's meeting deciding the future of primary education in the city - at least that's my excuse!!!
Although I initially set out to make a more 'Spring-like' bag I'm pretty pleased with my more Wintery one. As the Scrapstore fabrics I use are remnants they can be funny sizes. This one wasn't quite big enough for all the bag panels so I improvised with some toning dark red fabric for the reverse that no-one will see anyway.
The light here is appalling today so I apologise for the dark photos.

This was the only place I could photograph it without showing the piles of clutter!
We do have a very bad dose of 'piles' in this house!!

Here's a bit of a close-up of the fabric. It actually has
lovely texture but the flash has washed it out a bit.

The main fabric panels are stiffened with Vilene.
I've taken to using flanelette in my softer bags
but felt this needed something more substantial.
It certainly made the stitching up interesting!!!

I also put 'very useful pockets' in the lining for 'very useful things' to go in and a key clasp on a ribbon as I am always losing my keys in the bottom of my bag!
I like to think of my bag as 'quietly sophisticated' (nothing to do with envying Lucy's delicious fabric at all your honour!).
Now for Lucy's extremely gorgeous take on the 'Messenger Bag Challenge':

My bag definitely has a dual-personality thing going on!

This is the calm, refined, bordering on elegant side, complete with dark blue velvet, vintage crocheted lace and mother of pearl buttons.

Sensible, almost grown up, and really fairly "quiet"..........................

.......................Just like me!????

But turn it round and something altogether different is going on!

Wild, wacky and very very

Um, just like me????

Well, to be honest - neither side really matches my personality -
but the quirkiness and different-ness definitely does!

I put a couple of pockets on the inside - this large one on one side and a small thin one for my mobile phone on one of the gussets.

and even made a little detachable lipstick purse (although I very rarely wear ANY makeup!) because I was fiddling with a bit of fabric and this is what I came up with!

The bag is fairly sturdy because I layered the velvet with a fairly stiff canvas to stabilise it. I didn't follow a pattern for dimensions or method but I have made a couple of Amy Butler Messenger bags for Dorothy and her cousin so I just made it up based on what I had done before. I'm actually very pleased with how it turned out because I was beginning to think I wasn't going to have time to do it this week. And the great thing about it is that it is really quite big with plenty of room for knitting AND sewing AND a magazine AND a book AND my camera AND snacks for the children and anything else I want to drag around with me!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Your bag is fab Lesley! It is a much neater size than mine (and probably loads more useful because of that!) but I can't click on the lining picture to neb at your pockets - WHY NOT!!!!! By the way, mum and dad still have Ally's and my old duvet covers so if ever you run out of bag linings I could give them a call............!!!!

Lesley said...

I don't know about the picture thing as it should be the same as the others. With regard to the duvet cover - you know me, I'll give it a home when they've had enough of it :)
Does your Dad have any lovely oxtail paint left to go with it?

Ally said...

Well done - both of you. It is amazing what a little bit of bullying from an older sister can achieve!

My sweet little sis has given me the accolade of "Evil" this morning - isn't that gr8 good job I have very broad shoulders to carry this burden (grinning madly :o)). (I believe it had something to do with the gym!)

Will endeavour to keep the pressure on you both to keep challenging each other with all your crafty ideas.

Ally x

Kitty said...

Gosh look at you two with your fancy shmancy bags - you clever sods! It makes me feel positively lazy I'm afraid *blush*.

What's the next challenge then? :-D

Ally said...

So SORRY. I do apologise - I am meant to be at work though.

I am honoured that you have dedicated this blog to me and I apologise for not having made any comment on your lovely bags.

I did mean to say that I think you should both go to the school gate today with your new bags to pick up the children and see if you get any real life/live comments!

Fab bags though.

Well done

Ally x

Jane said...

Great bags Lucy and Lesley, i'd like to make one too but have knitting overload to finish so it'll have to wait. Don't we count as real live comments! Least i think i'm alive, hehehe.

trashalou said...

Oh! My! Stars! You girls are so jolly clever! Not only have you created beautiful and useful articles but under time and big sister pressure! I am greatly impressed.

Kaz said...

Both bags are gorgeous and I couldn't possibly pick a favourite (I like it here on the fence). I'm envious of both of you as I've had a plan to make a bag or two, but it's another thing on the to do list.

I'll be checking back to see what you make next.

Kaz xx

Monkee Maker said...

Ooh, nice bags ladies .... they're both gorgeous but I particuarly like the leaves on Lesleys .... and the quirkiness of Lucy's .... can I come and join you on that fence, Kaz?

Looking forward to the next challenge .....


Bethany Hissong said...

They both turned out GREAT!!! I love that they are so unique. I think I need to move up in size now too...this tote seems not so big anymore ;)

Julie said...

Gorgeous bags both of you! Lovely fabrics and great ideas. I love the panel on the door too!

Patti said...

Hi Kaz. Any splinters on that fence? I hope not cos I'm going to join you there. Both bags be brilliant(needed some alliteration there) Well done lasses.

Gina said...

Lovely bags ladies! And well done for getting them finished.
Gina x

Lina said...

Very impressive, nice work! Not that I want to choose favourites, but I do love that lining fabric Lesley. Looks like a vintage? Very pretty!