Friday, 21 March 2008

Challenge 7 - Got there at last!!!

Ok, I'll put my hand up, I'm the one that delayed this challenge for so long!

Lesley had her softie made and delivered to its recipient on time (a rather long time ago)

Whereas I have been piffling and pootling and faffing and pithering with a splash of bimbling thrown in for good measure (thanks for such great words Lesley!)

It's not that I haven't been productive - I have, honestly, just not on this project.

I cut it out and stitched the body weeks ago.....................

(time passes)

Then I started turning the limbs.......................

(time passes again)

Then I started stuffing the limbs and body.................................

(more time passes)

Then I turned a couple more limbs

(even more time passes)

Then I cut out the dress (from my very gorgeous Greengate napkin) ..........................

(half a day passes)

Until, finally, I actually sat myself down, detached myself from my knitting needles, untangled myself from the wool and gave myself a good talking to.

Then I plugged the iron and the sewing machine and got to work.

And hey presto, several hours later - look who's here

My very own "Floss" from this pattern.

I'm so pleased I have finished her.

And I'm very impressed with how patient and tolerant Lesley has been for waiting all this time for me to get my act together!

Thanks Lucy!

Well, I decided to make a Magoo monkey from this Melly & Me pattern for my nephew's 2nd birthday on (ahem) 2nd March!

I was very strong minded and made him out of fabric from my stash as I really couldn't justify buying even more!!

The pattern and instructions were so well laid out and so clear to follow that he was a delight to make. He's also rather huge!!

He seemed to go down ok with the birthday boy - I'd have appreciated a little more enthusiasm from his mother but she struggles to get the whole hand made thing - I get the impression she thinks I'm being cheap!!

I have three more patterns from Melly & Me's range that I want to make but then I also have several long lists of things I need to, want to, have to make so I'm not making myself any promises!!!

So although this one has been a long time coming we hope you like our finished goodies and that they were worth the wait!

Now we'd better have a staff meeting to decide what Challenge 8 will involve.

See you soon and have a very Happy Easter!

Lucy and Lesley xx