Thursday, 17 January 2008

Bag Fabrics

It has been strangely busy chez Lucy-Locket lately - something to do with a swap I think! - so my creative productivity has been reduced! I'm part way through making a blanket order but, just to prove that I really am going to make my messenger bag, I thought I would show you the fabrics I have chosen.

At the top is a blue cotton velvet that I bought fairly cheaply before Christmas from Dunelm Mill. The VERY COLOURFUL fabrics at the front are ones I bought yesterday from Barbara's shop Ring a Rosie (except for the one on the far right which I bought before Christmas). These are quite a departure from the norm for me - much louder and busier than I would normally choose but they are so gorgeous!

I plan to make the bag reversible with a plain velvet side and a colourful side so I can change it to suit my mood! I am a bit out of my comfort zone with using such rich colours to show them at their best but I'll just have to see how it goes and hope I like the end result!

Lesley has been much more productive than me this week - not that I'm jealous or anything!!!
Over to Lesley...
Not so sure about the productive thing but I've managed to do a few bits! I thought that an interesting part of our challenge would be seeing how we each interpret our 'brief' - now I'm not so sure and kind of wish I had Lucy's pretty fabrics!!!
I was planning to do a turquoise bag with a piece of velvet from the Scrapstore. Unfortunately it turned out to be full of staple holes. After a quick rummage I came up with another piece of fabric from the Scrapstore. A piece of olive green and deep red chenilley type upholstery fabric.
The lining is Lucy's favourite '80's duvet cover from the charity shop!
Finger's crossed we'll be posting the finished articles very soon :)
love Lucy and Lesley x


ally said...

I have to say I had that duvet cover before my little sis with butterscotch coloured bedroom walls and wait for it an oxtail coloured ceiling! I remember being persuaded by my Dad that it would look good but he insists I chose it. Hence I do appreciate your pink and lilac day as that is not me either.

Good luck with your bag making - tomorrow is Friday and I reckon with you now having the fabric it will be next Friday before we see the finished product.

Lesley said...

Ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa - ye of little faith Mrs Lockets big tall slim sister - just you wait and see!!!!
Mrs Moogsmum x

Bethany Hissong said...

I had to check out what this fabric envy was all about! Looking forward to seeing your creations!!!

Patti said...

I've looked and looked at the fabric choices. But I can't work out which set I prefer. Love them both.

Have fun.

Gina said...

Lovely fabrics from both of you I think!
I did download the pattern and thought I might join in but think perhaps I'm not being realistic and instead should be preparing for a class I have to teach tomorrow! Ah well... maybe next week.

Gina x

trashalou said...

Lesley, for shame and fie! You have no need to experience fabric envy, if anything I may suggest Missus Lucy look to her laurels. If this is coming down to a vote it will be a hard fought contest let me tell you!

Ally said...

Well my little sis has got her bag finished!!! I am now patiently waiting for your next blog to let me know you have been burning the midnight oil too.

Anonymous said...