Thursday, 7 February 2008

Happy cushions!

Lucy here!

This has been a fun challenge and I have really enjoyed stitching Daisy's bird's nest picture
I love the way she draws and tried to be as faithful to the original as possible although it was quite hard to trace as I didn't have access to a photocopier to make the lines bolder.
As it was Daisy's picture I decided to use some of her clothes to make it into a cushion. The pink gingham is from a pair of Boden trousers that were Dorothy's and then Daisy's and the denim is from a lovely hand-me-down pinafore dress that had a zip up the front. You can't see the denim very well from the front as the cushion inner is a bit big at the moment - I'm waiting for it to squish down!

The zip came in very handy for the opening on the back and I think it looks nice enough to have this way round too - especially with those lovely recycled pockets!!! I was really quite happy with it until I saw what Lesley had been doing................................

I decided to make two stitcheries - using one of Minx's and one of Sausage Monster's pictures. Believe me I'll do anything to avoid an argument!!!

The cushion on the left is Minx's design of the Moog making the sofa nice and hairy. I buried all my adult needs to make it 'right' and reproduced it exactly as Minx had drawn it - i.e. with the sofa lines going through the dog etc.

The one on the right is Monster's lovely drawing of our house - he's even drawn the downstairs loo extension on the side of the house :)

Their original drawings were on A5 paper so I enlarged them a couple of times on the photocopier and use dressmakers carbon paper to trace the images onto a piece of Scrapstore calico.

Minx's was a simple matter of back stitching over the traced lines using colours to represent our sofa and our dog!

Monster had drawn his picture with a thick orange felt tip which got even thicker with enlarging. As I don't have the patience or inclination to do the whole thing in satin stitch I used orange fabric paint and then stitched around the edges.

The cushion fronts were made with some patchwork fabric from the Hobbycraft sale basket. I kept the backs as simple as possible with an envelope closure - made from a nice big bit of Scrapstore fabric.

I'm really pleased with how these came out and may have to make more for the other sofa. Then there's the armchair. Maybe some floor cushions.....................

As we have said before we would love you to join in with any of our challenges if you feel the urge. Gina asked if she could come out to play this week! She mentioned that she didn't have any little people handy to draw her pictures. I emailed her this one that the Minx had done at the same time as her Moog picture.

Isn't she lovely?

Beautifully appliqued and freehand machine stitched outline!!!! I'm going to have to try doing that myself - it looks scary, especially the curly hair. Minx told me she thinks Gina is 'wicked' - such praise and so well deserved :)

Thanks so much for coming out to play Gina!

P.S From Lucy

I just have to show you the picture Fred has drawn which will be my next stitchery - once I have done all the things I HAVE to get done!

I thought they were aliens but apparently they are thumb-wrestlers!


marit said...

The pillows are SOOOO cute! It would make exellent gifts for grandparents/aunts/uncles/whoever.
Well done, both of you! (and Gina too!)

Angela said...

Fantastic....what more can one say. Recycling as well very impressive, the sign of a true crafter. I think you all should get together and hold an exhibition.

Ally said...

Love them all.

Can't wait to see Fred's thumb wrestlers all stitched up!

PS Well done Gina for keeping my two little sisters happy.

Big Sis Ally x

lucykate crafts... said...

well, i think they are all fab, or should i say, wicked!

trashalou said...

Fantastic art/craft collaborations from the grown-ups and the mini-mes!

esp. tres impressed from by Fred's thumb wrestlers. I see a whole line fo these including cards, t-shorts and possibly even film rights!

trashalou said...

I'm not excatly sure what they are but I really want to have a pair of t-shorts!!!!!!!!!!

Kitty said...

Awww - they're all fantastic! Well done you two.

Lucy - a tip for tracing which mum taught me (she got it from her Quilting Club) ... hold the picture up on to a sunny window and then place your paper on top. A simple matter of then running your pencil over the lines on the original design. I do it all the time! x

PS Fred's thumb wrestling picture is brilliant!

Jane said...

Beautiful cushions and stitching going on Gina too. love those thumb wrestlers am intrigued how you will use them. Jane x

Gina said...

Those are fabulous cushions - brilliant drawings and stitching. Love Fred's thumb wrestlers. Thank you for featuring my piece - promise to finish it when I get back!
Gina x

Julie said...

They're all wicked! Amazing drawings from your little people! Well done all of you. I second the exhibition!

Katy said...

oh wow - they are all so fab!!!!

dottycookie said...

Oh clever, clever girls - they're all fab. I must store this one away to have a go at one day. Tiny Small's potato people would be fab stitcheries!

Sarahs Home said...

I love these, I will have to have a try. Quick stupid question though..... Dressmakers carbon paper.. Is this used just like normal carbon paper you would use for paperwork but only used for fabric? Daft question I know but was just wondering.

Sarah x

Bed Linen said...

These are really lovely. Its the perfect way to personalize the children's room, not to mentionen the house itself.

Anonymous said...

Very very cute. A great collaboration of work. Super keepsake for anyone.

apaolal said...

waw... this idea for a stitcher is beautiful... and your work are beautiful (waw.. the pillow with jeans)...
sorry for my english..
anna paola - tuscany. italy