Monday, 25 February 2008

Time flies ...or 'I thought Valentine's Day was 25th February'

Er ...... sorry for the slight (11 day) delay on this one!!!!

Poor Lucy Locket has had her Valentine cushion all done and ready to blog since Valentine's Day itself. Unfortunately her challenge partner has been found somewhat wanting on the crafting front of late.

In my defence yer honour it's been a busy couple of weeks and I have been bravely battling the lurgy to beat all lurgies - I may even have caught the dreaded Man Flu but rest assured I've passed it back to Moogsdad :)

Onto the whole point of the post then!!!

Here's the cushion I've made for Moogsdad on behalf of his Minx who provided the beautiful artwork of herself, her Dad and her Teddy.

Please note the figures are not necessarily to scale ;) In real life Minx is not twice as big as her Dad - although volume-wise she is!!!

Here's a close up of Minx and Moogsdad (he's a little less assymmetrical in real life - ha haaaa!!):

Without further ado here is Lucy's beautiful cushion that has been ready for nearly two weeks!!! (good job she doesn't have a Moog as it would be looking very slobbered on by now!!)

I was quite happy to wait as long as Lesley wanted/needed/or forever really because I am not very impressed with what I made.

In my defence I made it while Mr Locket was at work on Valentine's day and it was finished for him coming home.

The quotation is from Robbie Burns "My love is like a red red rose" and I first heard this sung at a Burns' Night supper the year before Mr Locket and I got married and I loved it, especially the line "til all the seas gang dry my dear".

I appliqued a little heart on the back just to stop it looking too boring and because blogland has inspired me to do that little bit extra that you wouldn't necessarily see.

It's not my best piece of work and I had much greater ambition in mind but it goes well with the rest of our "hearty" cushions on the sofa and Mr Locket was very pleased with it which is what really matters.

I just wish I had produced something as amazing as Lesley's cushion!


Lesley said...

But I love your one!!!! It's such a lovely idea and a very romantic one at that!!!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

But yours is so much cleverer and artistic!!!!

the vicious chicken said...

Now come on ladies, enough of this nonsense - let's just all agree that they're both smashing, shall we? Because they clearly are. Well done to both of you. Mr Locket and Moogsdad are both very lucky to be recipients of such beautiful AND romantic gifts :o)

dottycookie said...

Both lovely cushions - I would happily have either or both of them on my sofa so if you really don't like them ... send 'em over! No? Thought not ;-)

Jane said...

I love both your cushions, but i have to say that Lucy's is my favourite for the poem quote. My Mum & Dad's favourite song from the 60's sung by Kenneth McKeller i played it to death when i was young. Found it on itunes tonight Jane x

Monkee Maker said...

Doh! And I wanted to start chanting "SCRAP! SCRAP! SCRAP!" in the stylee of the school playgrounds of my youth.

.... the school playgrounds didn't actually chant that .... obviously .... it was me ....

Ahem. Smashing cushions, both of them. I couldn't choose between them - I'm loving this idea of incorporating kiddie artwork onto craty projects, and I also love the romantic verse on Lucy's. Top job, Mrs M and Mrs L.



marit said...

Both are great! Well done!

Gina said...

Come on you two... they are both gorgeous, just very different. It's an unwritten rule that whatever someone else does it is always better that your own!
Have to say though some fabulous artwork from Minx again! What a clever girl!

Lina said...

Both of these look great. I particularly love the sofa full of cushions.

trashalou said...

No, I'm sure I remember Minx being that tall. That was her towering over the rest of us the other day, right? Oh? We were being followed by giants? There were too many people there to tell!

Gorgeous work girlies, looking forwar to the next one.

Kitty said...

Oh my word - such beautiful cushionness going on in here - I feel inspired. Or at least I would if I weren't suffering with a major bout of Lazy Slut Disorder. There was I thinking I was in remission, but no - it's back with a vengeance.

You two are amazing - really - it's always a pleasure to see what you've been making. x

dottydesigns said...

LOVE both the cushions, Both gorgeous in different ways, no more squabbling ladies!

Anonymous said...

Bit late to comment really but only just seen this. i wanted to 'share'. my other half is a bit of a burns night do-er and he did the speeches the first year we were together and dedicated this poem to me and it still makes me cry.