Friday, 1 February 2008

Breeding like rabbits!!!

There's a great deal of truth in the belief that rabbits breed like....erm, rabbits.

We chose to make a Tilda Bunny each for our 4th challenge.

Here's the offering from the House of Moog. Once I'd stopped bleating about the other things I really have to get made at the moment I thoroughly enjoyed making my rabbit (singular).

The pattern and instructions were easy to follow and she went together without a hiccup.

Despite having to amputate her legs at one point as I'd sewn them on backwards. Ahem...

Well, apart from having to scrub her face prior to stuffing as a big black mark had appeared. Apart from that it was fine.

Mmmm, except for having to make the hat to hide the fact that her ears had somehow developed a yellowish tinge!!

Then there was 'antiqueing' the lace in a mug of strong coffee as my cream lace had 'disappeared'........

Easy :)

The rabbit's body, dress and trousers are all made from recent finds at the Scrapstore. the only bit of 'new' fabric is the red checked bit on her ears which I got from here - fantastic online service as the fabrics arrived less than 24 hours after ordering!

She's yet to be named but she has been 'bagsied' by the Minx!

Unfortunately my photos aren't as gorgeous as Lesley's - partly because while she had sunshine we had heavy slushy snow-showers (not nice stuff at all, although Lesley reckons she's jealous! I'd rather have sunshine anytime!)

My bunnies have definitely been multiplying! I went for the smaller version from the Tilda book and used the green cord trousers for various different bits and pieces.

I don't know what they are all looking at though! I wish they would pay attention when I am taking their photo.

And here is my other little bunny:

Not a Little Cotton Rabbit - do you really think I could have kept it quiet if I had managed to get one of Julie's wonderful creations????

No, this is a Debbie Bliss bunny knitted by yours truly - unfortunately I have lost one of the ties for her cardigan and haven't had time to make another one yet! She is meant to have a pink net tutu (oh, and some ballet shoes too) but I went for this velvet ribbon and broiderie anglaise combo.

The bunny is knitted from Eco-wool and the cardigan is made from some gorgeous Louisa Harding angora mix. It is so soft and was lovely to knit.

Considering I say I don't "do" knitting, I seem to be doing rather a lot lately!

I think both Lesley and I have really enjoyed making our bunnies so don't be surprised if they keep on breeding!


trashalou said...

Oh i want to do a bunny too!

And go to a scrapstore.

And play in the snow.

And knit a pretty little ballet rabbit.

Oh I just don't think there enough hours in the year!

Kitty said...

What wonderful wabbits! Well done you two. I have made a fair few rabbits in my time, but never a Tilda bunny - I'd quite like to have a go.

Mine were all made of calico, and my daughter christened them 'rabbities' - so they've always been known as 'rabbity' here!


Bethany Hissong said...

They all turned out adorably! And the knitted bunny is fantastic... love what you did with her!! I'm suddenly feeling all Eastery and it's Valentine's month!!!

Leanne said...

Well done on the bunnies girls they are all very cute.

Jodie said...

Great bunnies girls - well done all round!

Monkee Maker said...

Oh - bunnies! Gorgeous bunnies everywhere!! I think I need a bunny now .... bunnies could be the new monkeys!

And please please PLEASE could you tell me how many hours you have in your days?? I only have 24 in mine, and I'm a little cheesed off that you two seem to have so many more .....


Jane said...

Lovely bunnies girls, they are all very cute Jane x

Kaz said...

Oooohhhh all of those rabbits are just gorgeous!! I reeeeeeellly need to make one now, it'll be bumped up the to do list.

I don't know how you manage to make these things while having houses with families in. I am in awe.

Kaz xx

Ali said...

Cuuuuute! I think bun number 1 looks like a Florence.

You seem to have a very impressive hop on Easter. Bravo! (Sorry about the bad pun - can't resist)

Ally said...

Well done on bunny challenge No 4. Love the big bunny and its hat. Sorry little sis for taking sides but I also like your trio too and the ballet bunny.

Next week is Pancake day perhaps you crafty two can think up a pancaky crafty challenge (knitted pancakes?)

the vicious chicken said...

Fab bunnies, both of you!

... and here's hoping they do hasten the arrival of spring... it's chuffin' freezin' at the moment! At least the bunnies will be warm though, in their smart clothes :o)

Katy said...

wow - they're fab!!! All of them!

dottycookie said...

Lovely bunnies, just in time for Easter! I am dead impressed you've managed to get all that done, and post, and not starve, in just a week! I feel so inadequate!

Clevelandgirlie said...

I love what Kitty said - wat wonderful wabbits! They are sooooo sweet - I wanna make some too. Your cuddly critters are adorable and bring much happiness - I just know it!!